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The Pixel Pixel Group

This club is for fans who love PIXEL ART<3!~

:bulletblack: If you would like to join this club you must click on the "Join this Group" button on the top of the profile page. Just watching the group doesn't make you a member, you just watch it. As a member, you get to contribute art and other stuff that clubs do. So remember that!

:bulletblack: We will accept almost every type of pixel art. Emoticon pixel art, doll pixel art, as long as it is pixel art! but please, submit into the correct folder.

For more information on the group's rules and Guidelines go here:…

Anyways, if you have any problems or want to know more info, comment on the page or send me a note.

Gallery Folders

Speshul Snowflake by Hardrockangel
What Cancer Cannot Do by Romaji
Harry Potter: Golden Snitch by Asphyziata
Turnip Head by Animanga409
Pixel Art
Academia :PixelRequest: by Aporpheus
Rowan by W17H3R5H1N5
Commission Daarka by Shincovi
Pixel Dolls
Spoopy by Shincovi
Cepheus by Shincovi
Kane: Paki Pagedoll by Xiamai
*gasp* by Shincovi
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Basic Doll by Gladiatore79
What A Phone Call by AcidChii
Template - Pixelated humans 2 by thredith
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IC: iingo + Jon-Lock by ReversedClock
Base test: Tummy lay by ReversedClock
IC: Paper-kun by ReversedClock
IC: Mirai by ReversedClock
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RPG Base by SimeonTemplar
Pixel Bunneh Base by baka-rika
a ghetto pixel base by PilotInspektor
trashycon by PilotInspektor
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Ruby and Sapphire Icons by WonderfulMelody8
Icon packs #1 by ReversedClock
hallow / thank you by emocx
Family by emocx
Loaaaaading = Rest time by emocx
Pirates V.2 (020) by emocx
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Updated Icon Tutorial 2013 by felw
Sword progress - Sprite by Anevis
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Titleless Project #2 by ThKaspar
brown Shroomie by Bulldoggenliebchen
Lime Slice by Bulldoggenliebchen
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Hey everyone, xReiichiru here (:
So Christmas is just around the corner (kinda), so it might be a nice community event to have a secret Santa for everyone in the group.

The deadline for entering will be rather soon, I am going to say, Thursday the 28th of November. This gives everyone 4 weeks to get their half done. The deadline for submissions will be the Evening of the 23rd of December. This will be whenever your own evening is, because I'm ahead of most people by 12+ hours anyway. This will be give us about a day and a bit to sort out the notes.

How to Enter
:bulletred: Be a member of pixel-pixel-club
:bulletgreen: Send the group a note entitled Entering Secret Santa 2013, detailing how many people you want to santa for.. you may only get one present back though, depending on how the numbers work out. I'll try and make it even.
:bulletred: Make a quick journal saying what you want "from santa", including refs and all. (It'd be nice if you publize the event a little so we can get more entries!)
:bulletgreen: Once you have yours done, send us a note with the link, and the title as the username of the person you santa'd for

:holly: On the 29th you should get a note saying who you are to santa for!
:santa: On the 25th you'll get a note with your present! (this will be a link to the dev) :star:

I'll include a list of people entering beneath (:

1. xReiichiru

So go on! Join in the fun! Get to know your fellow pixel artists, share some art, and get to know some new people! ^o^
More Journal Entries





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MountAndDewMe Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IketTheVampireRat Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for letting me join! I'll be pretty active in this group! ^_^
ieelleme Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Heart - Free Super Group Looking To Commission Pixel ArtistHeart - Free 

Little Pixel Heart Possible Contract for Steady Commissioning
Little Pixel Heart Work for FriendHunt ; Possible Staff Position
Little Pixel Heart Work will be Featured on Group Home Page
Little Pixel Heart Payment Method: :points:
Little Pixel Heart Type of Pixel Art Needed: Multiple Animated Buttons and/or Badges

:star: If interested, please contact ieelleme , LilithAnnSephaos , or WordyDirdBird 
Examples are a Must-Have!

FriendHunt is a Super Group dedicated to helping seasoned and fresh deviants find friendship. We Accept anyone who has the desire to make friends. We welcome everyone who desires to join. Our staff is very active and passionate about our cause. Be a part of our journey and help us grow!

artbytiffany Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Is this group active my deviations keep expiring. 
pranq Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Hobby Metroidvania (NES/Retro) Platformer (Artist request)

This is a hobby project I am undertaking just out of passion and love for the NES system and Metroidvania style platformers.

I am welcoming one or more pixel artist who would like to contribute to the project and has a passion for this type of development. I have no plans in monetizing this unless the opportunity opens down the road. This will be a long term project and is not going to be something that is done likely even within the year so if you are interested please note that you must be able to motivate yourself through passion and love for what your doing alone and that you are able to accept the fact that there is no scheduled time limit on when to call it complete.

I do not wish to compare this to any other game because at this point nothing is planned. I prefer to let the artist visually design the game using their own dreams and idea's not mine. I would prefer we are on the same page about what the end result should be like.

I've worked with people before who simply give up or are doing this sort of thing for the wrong reason and loose interest.. I'm not looking for that person.. I'm not looking for anyone who is moody (sometimes is understandable) or I only talk to once a month.. I would prefer to communicate and become friends talking at least a couple times a week just to stay in touch and stay on track.

This is not a project you need to stress out about because what we do is totally upon us to decide. If your worried about money then this is probably not the project for you because even if there was any it would be a long way down the road.

I'm looking for that artist/artists who always wanted to create their own game and again has a deep passion for pixel art, 8bit/chip music, NES system and anything to do with a retro console makes them smile.

I hate to list any games that I personally enjoy because I do not want to get any idea's stuck in the artist head of what this game should look like... however if you insist I can share my favorites.

I have chosen to develop in AS3 code using the AIR run time and focusing initially on a windows desktop version of the game. I'm efficient in other programming languages and have been programming for 2 decades now, however I do have some game development experience and I believe to soften up the load of creating the game it would be best to first write it using this method.

I'm also a chipartist so I can whip us up some rocking authentic sounding 8bit/chip music to go with the game.. and plan to do a full OST.

The only thing I'm lacking is the pixel art.. I've attempted to learn before, but I've come to understand that when you create something that you want to create .. after its created if you are the sole creator or even if you are a creator of anything to do with it.. then the fun factor is drastically reduced just from the amount of work you put into it and already knowing the experience without being able to experience it from start to finish.. so this is another reason why I'm seeing if anyone else wants to jump on board..

I'll leave it to that.. if you have any more questions feel free to respond or email.. I'll check out anyone's work, but I'm looking for someone who is good to professional skill level.

Thanks for your time..
HardCodedPixel Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Best group evar!
xReiichiru Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Student General Artist
I know right? : D
Chisari Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Hey, thanks for the request! <33
starfoxmcclod123 Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
Hi I just wanted to know if this group is still active
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